Rio Marina  port
+lat+: 42.8154 +lon+: 10.4299

Rio Marina  port

History and culture: from the Minerals Museum to the Torre dell'Orologio

Rio Marina is the second largest ferry port on the island of Elba, after Portoferraio. Rio Marina harbour was built due to the mining industry in the eastern part of the island of Elba. Among its historic and cultural sights is the octagonal Torre dell’Orologio, built by James of Aragon, near the town’s small beach. Don’t miss the Minerals Museum, which plays host to 700 mineral specimens mined on Elba, and the church of San Rocco, built in the 16th century by the Prince of Piombino. Various excursions depart from Rio Marina and take visitors to the Rio Marina iron mines, the Porticciolo panoramic route, the Torre Giove and Monte Grosso. With its shops, restaurants and cafés the town is a pleasant place to spend some time. If you’re looking to go on a truly memorable daytrip, ferries depart from Rio Marina for Pianosa twice a week. You can moor in the harbour at Rio Marina and continue by ferry, which is the only way to reach this unspoilt, protected island – pleasure crafts are not allowed to land here. It’s certainly worthwhile taking the time to visit this spectacular island: don’t miss Cala San Giovanni, a picturesque pure white sandy beach where the remains of a Roman villa can be admired; not to mention the crystal-clear sea.

Rio Marina Harbour

Boats can stay in the harbour in one of the 15 berths available for vessels passing through. Alternatively, check whether there is space on the floating docks, which are only available during the summer months.